Veg patch

A few hours’ work now can save a lot of time next spring, and help ensure winter crops do well:

  • Be vigilant for weeds - they can soon take over if the weather is warm and wet.
  • If you are an organic grower, look out for late attacks of caterpillar and leaf diseases, especially rust on leeks.
  • Dig up the main potato crop before the ground gets too wet.
  • Plant spring cabbage for harvesting in March/April.
  • Sow broad bean seeds while the ground is still warm - they will crop early and avoid attacks from greenfly.
  • Think about garden hygiene - dispose of the remains of summer crops before they go mouldy.
  • As you clear each area of ground, start digging in manure so it can rot down nicely over winter.
  • Make notes about what did well and what you might do differently next year.

Autumn September-October

Garden plants

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to tear up your summer bedding for the compost heap. A few warm days in early Autumn can often bring one last wonderful display of flowers before the frosts come.

The best part about Autumn gardening is looking forward to the next year: