Veg patch

Whenever there is a warm or dry spell, get on with digging and cultivating the ground for next spring. Once the soil is soaking wet or frozen it’s too late. Digging manure in before the hard frosts arrive can help improve the soil structure.

On bitterly cold days when you’d rather be sitting by the fire than braving the elements, make a cup of tea and get planning. Review what did well last year and what might have done better. Think about your planting and sowing schedule so that you can stagger your harvest more effectively, or avoid all of your crops ripening just as you go on holiday.

Winter November-February

Main garden

Much of your winter gardening can be done from your armchair. Start planning how you’d like things to look next year, what new shrubs you might introduce or a new colour scheme for your bedding.

If you want to get outside, winter is a good time for pruning. And if the ground isn’t too hard, you can move trees, bushes or shrubs.