Veg patch

Any veg planted in March and April should be coming along nicely by now. The likes of broad beans and peas will need to be supported by canes or twigs. Broad bean and potato plants can benefit from having a little soil pulled up at the base of their stems to provide extra support as they grow.
If small green strawberries are starting to appear, put straw around the plants to cushion the fruit as it ripens during June.
Later in the month, you can finally start planting out salad veg, tomatoes, runner beans, sweet corn and the main crop of courgettes, as well as butternut squash and pumpkins. A further batch of potatoes wouldn’t do any harm either.

Spring Maytip

Bedding plants

Bedding plants are a fail-safe way to bring a riot of colour to your summer garden. At The Plant Centre, we acclimatise our bedding before it’s sold, so you should be able to plant it straight outside from the middle of May.

Hanging baskets and containerstip

These can finally go outside from the middle of May, but hanging baskets in particular still need a lot of care. If you plant them up yourself – or pick them up from the nursery early – try placing them on a pot for a couple of weeks until they are starting to fill out. Windy weather can dry them out very quickly and cause extensive damage to young plants. Don’t forget to keep them well-watered – even if it rains!

General caretip

Watering and weeding are especially important in May. Try to get into a routine that you can keep up all summer.

Slugs and snails can cause extensive damage to young bedding plants and veg. If you’re not squeamish try disposing of them by hand – in the daytime they usually lurk in cool places such as under pots, or you can catch them when they come out after rain or in the evening.

Spring flowers

Spring flowering plants such as heathers should have their dead flowers trimmed back in May so they can get ready for the next season’s growth.

Bulbs can be given a good feed and either left in the ground or separated out and kept somewhere dry ready for autumn planting.