Veg patchtip

Get your wellies on and turn over your veg patch or raised beds in early March. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can harvest some nice early crops! Dig in plenty of manure and it won’t do any harm to tease some compost into the top layer of soil. Keep a sharp eye out for weeds.

The more you stagger planting, the longer you’ll be harvesting:

  • Your first crop of spuds should go in as soon as the ground is ready, ideally early to mid-March
  • Peas, broad beans, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and leeks can be planted out late March or early April
  • If you don’t mind taking a risk, a courgette plant or two can go out in April – they generally bounce back after a frost
  • Get a second crop of spuds in during April

Spring March-Apriltip

This is a busy time for the gardener – particularly if you grow veg as well as ornamental plants. You need to get things ready for the main growing season, and everything seems to need your attention at once!

Spring flowers

With a little care, you can keep winter plants such as pansies and primroses looking good right up until you’re ready to plant out summer bedding. Pinch off dead flowers and straggly growth and perhaps give them a feed. As the weather warms they often give a lovely last burst of flower before they get thrown on the compost heap.

Soil preparation

Get your borders ready for any bedding that you’ll be planting out in May. Fork the soil over and gently mix a little compost in the top layer. You can also fork compost or mulch around the base of shrubs to give them a dose of nutrients ready for their summer growth.


Now is the best time to train or cut back climbing plants on walls or trellis. They will grow quickly when the weather warms, so check that they’re not starting to cover windows or block gutters.