Veg patchtip

You could be harvesting broccoli, cabbages, strawberries and perhaps some early potatoes by now. Once you have cut the main head of broccoli, tasty sprouting broccoli will continue growing around the stem for the next month or two.

Later batches of courgettes and runner beans can still be planted out – they should just about manage to crop before the weather turns cold.
Salad veg should be coming on nicely. Lettuces will be ready to harvest and peppers, tomatoes and the like should be showing fruit which will ripen over the summer. Keep everything well fed and watered, particularly once fruit is starting to show.

If you’re concerned about birds raiding your fruit bushes, cover them with wildlife-friendly mesh. Once blackbirds find out where the ripest raspberries are, they’ll keep coming back until they’re all gone!
It always seems far too early, but it’s time to think about planting winter veg such as cabbages, leeks and sprouts – especially if you want them to be ready by Christmas.

Summer June

If you are a keen gardener, by June you will be reaping the rewards of your earlier work, but there is still plenty to be done! Less dedicated gardeners still have time to create a lovely summer display, or even grow some veg for early autumn harvesting. June is often a wet month, but don’t forget that your garden still needs watering.

Dead-heading & pinching shoots

As flowers go past their best, keep pinching them off to encourage the plant to grow more, rather than making seed heads.

General care

Besides watering, regular feeding is essential by June. During these long, warm days, the plants will be growing rapidly, and need all the help they can get to keep them looking their best.