Veg patch

By now you could be enjoying freshly picked produce every day, even if your kitchen garden is relatively small. As with ornamental plants, consistent watering and feeding is the top priority.

Fruit yields will be starting to get riper and heavier, so you need to support tomato and cucumber plants - even pepper plants can get a bit top-heavy. Keep an eye out for tomato plants growing new side-stems and pinch them back or they will weaken the plant, leading to a lower yield.
July is the latest month to plant out winter veg so it has a good chance to grow and develop before the weather starts getting colder. This is also the safest month to prune plum and cherry trees to avoid silver leaf disease.

Summer Julytip

Come July, you can relax and enjoy your garden a little more. Easy maintenance is the name of the game, but it’s not too late to add a couple more bedding plants to your borders, or another pot or two to the patio.

General care

Daily watering, regular feeding and dead-heading are the most important jobs in July. If you go on holiday, take down hanging baskets to give them a rest, trim them back, give them a feed, and put them in a shady spot on top of a bucket of water. See if you can find a garden buddy to do your watering. (Dead hanging baskets are a sign to burglars that you are away!)
Cut back any straggly growth, particularly on trailing plants like surfinias, to ensure they keep looking good right through to the autumn.